PathwayToStay.com™ guides immigrants through the process of gaining U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.  It’s the first-of-its-kind solution for potential U.S. citizens and their families.


Easy-to-use web tool:  PathwayToStay.com™ helps candidates for lawful permanent residence and citizenship easily complete all forms required by USCIS — from eligibility to integrated forms to interview prep and more.

User-friendly technology:  Just log on using any Internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, or similar device.

Save time:  Our smart web interface integrates forms and fields, streamlining paperwork and enabling you to enter information just once. Once complete you will be provided all of the required forms for submission. This dramatically simplifies the effort required to follow the USCIS application process.

Save money:  Our system is less expensive than traditional, offline immigration support options by a significant margin.

Convenient:  Users tackle each step at their own pace, whenever + wherever it’s most comfortable for them.

Complements USCIS resources:  The PathwayToStay.com™ solution makes the existing government process more manageable and pleasant.

Benefit from our experience:  PathwayToStay.com™ was developed and managed by attorneys who understand the U.S. immigration system and have helped many individuals and families navigate the complex process of achieving permanent residency and/or citizenship in the United States.

Stay for Family. Stay for Health. Stay for Opportunity. Stay for Love. Stay for Life.™